Bloodline Family Member Hints at WWE NXT Arrival

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The Anoa’i Family’s enduring influence on the wrestling landscape spans generations, with Roman Reigns currently spearheading the gripping Bloodline storyline within WWE. However, another cousin from the esteemed Anoa’i lineage, Lance Anoa’i could inject a fresh and compelling layer into WWE if gets signed by them, after teasing some hints pointing in that direction.

Lance Anoa’i and his tag team partner, Juicy, were granted their releases from MLW back in October 2023, leaving their future in the wrestling world uncertain. While Lance’s next move remains unclear, it’s worth noting that WWE has been aware of his talent for some time.

Moreover, Lance Anoa’i has had previous interactions with WWE, including a tryout a few years ago. Despite showcasing his skills on several occasions, WWE has yet to sign him to contract.

Furthermore, Lance has made some appearances on WWE television, such as sharing the ring with Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns on SmackDown, which has kept him on the company’s radar over the past decade.

The possibility of Lance Anoa’i joining WWE has also been teased by the man himself recently with a series of cryptic tweets. He added another one to it by taking to his X to drop a hint at his arrival in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT with The Bloodline’s ‘The One’ signature emoji.

“Could I be the NeXT ☝🏽?”

Despite his continuous teases, ultimately, only time will tell if Lance Anoa’i will make his debut in WWE in the near future and rise up to the ranks of joining The Bloodline after making an impression on the higher-ups of the company.

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