Chelsea Green Compares Fellow WWE Stars Rhea Ripley & Maxxine Dupri

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Chelsea Green talking

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WWE star Chelsea Green revealed that the former Women's World Heavyweight Champion Rhea Ripley and Maxxine Dupri are currently two of her favorite people to work with in the business 

While speaking on "Wrestling with Freddie," Green discussed some of her best friends within the pro wrestling industry. The "WWE SmackDown" star believes that one of the two stars she's a friend of, Ripley, should've been pushed to be a top star years ago. The former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion explained why she's a fan of Ripley and Dupri, praising their accomplishments inside and outside the ring.


"I say this all the time. Rhea could have been the top girl seven years ago. She has always been this good, she has always been this talented and she is the sweetest, kindest person and that's what people don't see and that's what I want people to know is that her heart is good," declared Green. "Maxxine is the same, except Maxxine is like a Victoria's Secret model with extreme anxiety and I just love that. The most beautiful person doesn't have any, like, really doesn't have any worries in the world and somehow worries about everything and that's why I love her." 

Green also admitted that there is nobody she dislikes in WWE, but added that there are plenty of people in other companies who rub her the wrong way. 


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