Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews To Step Down As President Of CBS News

1 week ago 6

Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews said that she was exiting CBS News, having served as president of the division for less than a year.

She wrote in a memo to employees that she planned to transition to a new role at the end of the month as editorial adviser through the election.

“We all know our industry and company are going through a transformation and a number of short- and long-term decisions need to be made,” she wrote. “I do not want to be disingenuous with any of you about who should drive those decisions. I’ve always leaned into my integrity and my values and I felt it was important to be transparent at this juncture about my plans.”

It was just last August that Ciprian-Matthews was named president of CBS News as part of a restructuring of the news division leadership.

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