Should we be worried about the Blues?

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The French team got off to a bad start in 2024. For their first match of the year, the Blues were outclassed by Germany at Groupama Stadium. Beyond the score (2-0), Didier Deschamps' players were eaten alive by the Germans who were not impressive but who played seriously and accurately. In the other camp, the French showed a more than worrying face a few months before the Euro, where they will face Austria, the Netherlands and a final opponent not yet known. Facing Toni Kroos and his teammates, the Tricolores lacked almost everything.

Problems on all lines

Not sufficiently aggressive, they were surprised twice by the Germans. Besides Brice Samba, who must do much better on the two goals, the defense had difficulties, notably Pavard and Koundé, who did not score any points. They even lost some. In the midfield, Tchouameni and Rabiot struggled, as did the young Zaire-Emery. The Blues' game, which lacked impact and percussion, also lacked a link and especially an Antoine Griezmann. But the Blues did not want to hide behind this excuse, even if they recognized that with him, this match would certainly have been different.

“It’s true that Antoine is a bit of the creator, the playing master of our team even if there are others. This evening (Saturday), he could have added something more. But the guys who were there were able to do it too. So we must not make excuses”, admitted Olivier Giroud. Difficult to find one after such a lackluster performance. Offensively, Kylian Mbappé tried a lot and missed a lot. The Frenchman, who said Friday at a press conference to a journalist “When you see my performances, do you see a disturbed guy?”; didn't have a great match. It's quite the opposite.

An attack that misses the point

Ousmane Dembélé was a little more dangerous. Finally, Marcus Thuram failed to seize his chance at the No. 9 position. An evening to almost forget. Didier Deschamps wants to learn lessons from it. “It’s always good to have difficulties. There, we had quite a few. Too much and too much. This will have to serve us, even if in three days (Chile in Marseille) it will be another opponent. That there is fatigue for different reasons, yes, but that is not an excuse either. We were in physical deficit, collectively and individually. In intentions, we were less determined than usual. You have to accept it”.

Individually and collectively, the Blues have indeed failed. This is not the first time since we must remember that they were beaten last September by Germany (2-1). Subsequently, they were able to recover against the Netherlands (2-1), Scotland (4-1) and Gibraltar (14-0) before conceding a draw against Greece (2-2). For two meetings, the Blues have not won. They also showed problems at all levels. Which is not reassuring before the Euro. But the players are not worried as Olivier Giroud explained in the mixed zone.

The Blues are not worried at the moment

“I'm not more worried than that. But it's a good reminder that you have to wear the warm-up blue every match, especially against teams like that. Germany remains a great football nation, even if they have had poor performances before. They played a very good match and they were better than us tonight (yesterday). So things have to be said but not everything needs to be called into question. We have to get back to work on Tuesday. I'm not more worried than that.” Even if we can ask ourselves questions since this is the last gathering before the Euro, therefore the last opportunity to refine details and carry out tests before the list, there is still time to rectify the situation.

Will France win Euro 2024?

Especially since some starters were missing last night like Mike Maignan, much more solid, or Antoine Griezmann. Ditto for Ibrahima Konaté, who forms a rather interesting pair in the center with Dayot Upamecano. Kingsley Coman, injured with Bayern Munich, was not called up and will certainly be an interesting option during the Euro. Players like Kylian Mbappé, who missed his match, will also evolve at another level. At least, we hope so. After the booster shot against the Germans, the Blues will try to get off on the right foot against Chile.

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