Six Woman Tag Team Match Added To NXT Stand & Deliver

2 weeks ago 3

After what has transpired over the past two weeks, we have a second women’s match on the Stand & Deliver card. A six woman match will take place between Thea Hail, Kelani Jordan, and Fallon Henley vs. Jacy Jayne, Kiana James, and Izzi Dame.

On the April 2 episode of NXT, Jayne took on Henley in singles action. Both women had their respective sides at ringside with them. Jazmyn Nyx was also on the side of Jayne but had her arm in a sling. Likely selling the arm attack by Hail last week.

The women on the outside started to brawl which led to Henley going out to knock down James and Dame and think about adding further pain to Nyx. Henley gets back into the ring but is met with a running knee by Jayne who wins the match.

Moments later, backstage, Jayne is addressing to the camera how she was never friends with Hail. She saved Chase U and did the calendar only to get the spotlight back on her.

Ava, who was at gorilla, told Jayne to move along as it was a live show. Hail, Henley, and Jordan enter and start commotion on their side. Ava stops them and announces the match for this Saturday.

Stand & Deliver will air this Saturday on day one of WrestleMania XL at Noon ET.

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