YangaSport Payment Methods – How to Deposit Money on YangaSport?

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YangaSport deposit methods are instant and seamless to use. This relatively young bookmaker allows players to use some of the most progressive and convenient deposit options in Nigeria. This review covers a detailed overview of the deposit payout options available at YangaSport.

What are the available deposit methods on YangaSport?

Since it is one of the newest bookmakers in Nigeria, YangaSport introduces a modern perspective to its payment options. The betting site offers its customers wide deposit limits and some of the most convenient deposit methods. The table below shows the available YangaSport deposit methods, their deposit limits and other details:

Deposit Method Method Available Minimum


Maximum Deposit Fee Duration
Visa ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
Mastercard ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
Verve ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
Visa QR ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
USSD ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
OPay ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
Paystack ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
PocketApp ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
KoraPay ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
CoralPay ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
Fidelity Bank ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
FCMB ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
GT Bank ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
PalmPay ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant
Zenith Bank ✔️ ₦100 ₦1,000,000 None Instant

How to Deposit Money on YangaSport?

As part of its convenient deposit system, YangaSport ensures that its customers make their deposit without delay or difficulty. Our research shows that you can make your YangaSport deposits in these simple steps:

Visit the YangaSport site and open an account Click the yellow “Deposit” option at the top right corner of the home page Tap “Deposit” on one of the available payment methods Input your deposit amount and click “Deposit” In the next screen, choose one of the available options; Input your card details (for card payment), copy the account number (for bank transfer) or enter other required details (for other methods). Complete the transaction and get your deposit confirmation instantly.

Deposit on YangaSport via Bank cards

Our experts confirm that YangaSport allows deposits from popular bank cards in Nigeria. The available card options include Visa, MasterCard, and Verve. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to deposit on YangaSport with your card:

Click “Deposit” on the homepage Select Paystack or Opay as your deposit method Click on their card option Input your bank card details and tap Pay Fill in your card PIN and the provided OTP to complete the transaction.

Deposit Money on YangaSport via Bank Online Transfer.

Bank transfers are the preferred methods when making deposits or YangaSport withdrawals. This method provides you with various options including the leading commercial banks and mobile money portals in Nigeria. Follow these steps to make your YangaSport deposit by bank online transfer:

Open the deposit page Select Paystack as your payment option and fill your deposit amount Click “Transfer” as your deposit method Copy the bank account number Open your bank app to make payment Pay the deposit sum into the copied account number Get your payment confirmation

How To Deposit on YangaSport with Paystack?

We rate Paystack as the leading YangaSport deposit options. It allows players to make their deposits using different methods including bank transfer, cards and USSD. Interestingly, all payment methods under Paystack maintain the same minimum deposit and you can complete them in the following steps:

Select “Paystack” as your preferred deposit options Fill the deposit amount and click “Deposit” In the next screen, select any of the available deposit methods: Cards, Transfer, Bank, USSD, PayAttitude or Visa QR Input the required information and complete your deposit

How To Deposit on YangaSport with OPay?

Our analysis shows that OPay is similar to Paystack in its payment options. YangaSport customers can make their deposits using Cards, Opay QR, OPay Wallet, bank transfer, or USSD. Most importantly, OPay does not impose extra charges for these deposits. Let’s look at how to deposit on YangaSport with OPay:

Select “OPay” as your deposit method Fill in the deposit amount and tap “Deposit” In the OPay portal select your preferred OPay payment option Fill in the necessary information to complete your payment

How To Deposit on YangaSport with USSD?

USSD payments remain the most convenient deposit option at YangaSport. The bookmaker allows players to make their deposit from their phone as long as they have a unique code. We tested the YangaSport *737* code and found it to be seamless and fast. Here is how you make your YangaSport deposit with USSD:

Select any of the deposit options in the Cashier menu In the payment portal, Click on “USSD” as your deposit method Select your bank and copy the USSD code Type the USSD code on your phone to make a payment


What Is the Minimum Deposit at YangaSport?

YangaSport allows players to pay at least ₦100 as the minimum deposit.

What are the YangaSport Deposit Limits?

The deposit limit at YangaSport ranges between ₦100 and ₦1,000,000.

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